Military Wicklow

Postcards from Wicklow Camps

By Ciara O'Brien, Wicklow County Council Library Service

The following images and text have been taken from the Local Studies collection of Wicklow County Council Library Service and provide a snapshot view of what life was life in Wicklow’s military camps.  Each image is followed by a transcription of the original message.  An accurate date is, unfortunately, not possible for some of the cards.

Leut. Edwards Squad, Musketry Camp, Brittas, Kilbride (1916?) to Mrs J. Wheatby, Sussex, England

Photo:Upper Camp, Kilbride, Co. Dublin

Upper Camp, Kilbride, Co. Dublin

Wicklow County Council Library Service

Dear mother,

Just a card to let you know I am at Kilbride, rather a wild place but I shall like it as it is so much like home, plenty of heath and hills, not many trees but sheep about on the forest as I call it, and (?) men cutting turf and turning it just like home.

Brittas 1910 to Mr E. A. Gurney-Smith

Photo:Kilbride Camp, Co. Wicklow

Kilbride Camp, Co. Wicklow

Wicklow County Council Library Service

Musketry Camp, Co. Wicklow

The IOGC (International Order of Good Templars)

Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for PC.  I was awfully interested in the electric trains.  How are you keeping as regards the spiritual side.  I’m getting very strong and I hope you are too.  I’ve written to my Father again.  At present, I am getting on very well as regards musketry.  I hope to get the guns this year but it’s very hard.  Sorry, I’ve no more time, we are in rifle inspection room.  Remember me to all yours.

Best wishes,


“C” Company, HLI Camp, Shillelagh (unknown date) to Miss E. Morris, Co. Dublin

Photo:Shillelagh Church

Shillelagh Church

Wicklow County Council Library Service

Dear E,

Delighted to receive your nice card this morning.  Should have had it yesterday but I couldn’t be found.  Ethel, it was indeed kind of you to go in about those photos of mine.  Isn’t it a nuisance the way they are going on.  I showed the card you sent me to Jack this morning so of course he got the message you sent.  We are in rather a nice camp so it is to be hoped the weather will keep up.  As far as I can hear we are here for a fortnight.  All the fellows are out this afternoon on parade.  I am one of the lucky ones.

Love to mother and yourself.

Tommy (I have transferred from “H” Company)

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